What is esports?

We’ve found that answering the question, ‘What is Esports?’ can be quite tricky business and so our efforts to offer a complete answer is as follows:

Esports is an activity where players (usually in teams) compete in video games tournaments and other events, usually for prizes or titles.

As the name suggests, there are many similarities between regular sports and esports (which can sometimes be interpreted as ‘electronic sports’) For example, both activities can:

– be carried out individually or within a team,
– be played at amateur (grass-roots) or professional levels
– usually be structured in leagues and cups and championships
– draw huge audiences and revenues.

When competing at professional levels, many esports players undergo training similar to that of elite athletes and often compete for higher value prizes and in front of bigger audiences.

We’re also learning that hardly anyone is interested in reading long draw-out explanations so we’ve found 4 short videos that we hope will give anyone who is wondering, ‘What even is esports?’ a fuller understanding than our few sentences ever could.