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TBJ Esports Bootcamp

featuring Fortnite


Staying home is tough on everyone, especially in our opinion, the weans! No school, no clubs, no having friends over or going to the park or anywhere at all. Figuring out the new ways of doing things, learning at home, worrying about passing on the virus or watching parents worry about money, health, elderly relatives. No time alone for those who share rooms, or too much time alone for only-children, no routine, no motivation and nothing to bring a sense of achievement… and for who knows how much longer.  As parents, the concern for our children’s well-being, their mental health and the impact their future has gone past anything previously imaginable and reaches ever-further into uncharted territory. We know that we are not alone experiencing this sheer uncertainty and empathise with parents of families around the country who still have their own unique circumstances to deal with on top of managing home learning, working from home and all of the rest of the worry and stress. Having the experience that we do from working on The Brave Jnr means that we are also aware of many other challenges that families may be facing right now, particularly if they have young gamers, worry about screen time/online safety, who their kids are actually playing with or how playing more will affect their well-being are concerns that are commonly held by parents of gamers and we believe staying home with bring further gaming related issues that may not be so widely talked about. Some parents may have concerns about the aggressive behaviour being displayed by young gamers and find themselves faced with broken equipment, online arguments and banned accounts. Others may struggle to manage if their child can get very upset about losing but will get more upset if they don’t get to play and, of course, the dreaded ‘LAG’ which, if you’ve never heard of it means you’re living the dream and we don’t want to ruin that for you. There are loads and loads of seemingly small concerns that are potentially creating further difficulties for already stressed-out parents across the country and that fact has inspired us to take action. We have brought together our almost unique experience from our work in recent years and combined it with guidance for safeguarding and supporting young people online, advice from industry experts such as the Fair Play Alliance, Scottish Esports Hub and British Esports Association as well as closely observing the community standards of Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and Epic Games in our policy development to allow us to develop a program that we believe will engage young people of all ages in activities that are designed to develop key STEMS skills, allow for freedom of play and expression and promote healthy competition, while also interacting with other young people and having fun in a safe online space with defined boundaries.  We believe there is an urgent need to find ways to get young people to engage with meaningful activities and that TBJ Esports Bootcamp featuring Fortnite could offer potentially vital insights in how best to achieve this.

Absolutely nothing at all.

We are a not for profit organisation and our goals are not financial.

We are genuinely passionate about making esports along with it’s benefits and opportunities, available to everyone in Scotland.

The program includes a full week of activities focused areound online safety and digital well-being, giving you and your child the chance to learn everything you need to know to negate risk,  avoid danger and be digitally secure.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all children and young people in at the heart of everything we do.

We are confident in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of participants in maintained throughout and are developing policies in line with all relevant government and agency guidelines that will detail our commitments to safeguarding etc.

These will be made available shortly, before the program starts.

Starting on 15th February and continuing for six weeks, The Brave Jnr will work with 12 young people (split into two teams) within the game Fortnite to help them understand the concept of esports, learn about how the industry works and give them the chance to improve their skills and discover their potential for competition. Both teams will follow a training schedule in preparation for the Orange vs Blue event where both teams will go head to head in a custom built arena within the game and a Champion will be crowned.

Below we have outlined some of the main points the program will focus on:

  • how to manage their own expectations and attitude,

  • how to keep safe and healthy while gaming,

  • how to work as a team and

  • what it takes to become a pro, with special guests from within the industry to offer exclusive advice and answer questions.


They will also, of course, have the chance to improve their Fortnite skills, level up their battle pass and compete with friends.The structure is much the same as it would be if the activity was football as opposed to Fortnite.

Great! 🙂

So, first of all you need to check that you meet the requirements here.

Then, check out the schedule to make sure it’s suitable here.

Next, it’s important that your child wants to take part so ask them before you sign up.

Once you have done all that, sign up here and someone will be in touch very soon.

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What we're doing could change the future for young people in Scotland.

BOOTCAMP will introduce participants to esports and some of its main themes, we have highlighted a few below:


When taking part in esports, as in any competitive activity, it is important to understand how your attitude can affect your performance.

Having the right attitude is also a key factor in being picked up by professional organisations.


The virtual world can expose young people to certain dangers just like in the physical world and there are also new challenges that have arisen exclusively when interacting online.

Ensuring that young people are informed of potential risks and how to deal with them or seek help is the first step in keeping them safe.


Bootcamp has been developed with STEM learning in mind. 

Throughout the course of 6 weeks, participants will utilize each and every on of the top 10 employability skills outlined by in this publication.


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