Bootcamp Requirments

TBJ Esports Bootcamp

featuring Fortnite



Registration can only be completed by parents/carers. If it is found that any potential participant has registered without obtaining parental consent then they will be removed from the program immediately.


For participants to get the most ouT of Bootcamp, it is important that a parent/carer is willing to take part to some degree.

Bootcamp includes activities that are specifically designed to engage parents, some of which are only essential to parents wishing to gain a deeper understanding of esports but a small proportion of these activities are required for participants to achieve the best outcome.


We are accepting registrations to BOOTCAMP for school kids of ANY age as we understand that esports fans around the world vary widely in age and so we hope to gauge interest, as well as the views of parents among different age groups and we are also keen to take this chance to learn more about how different age groups engage and interact with each other when spilt into groups based on skill.


To be able to take part it is essential that participants have access to certain platforms, some of which require users to sign up for an account. (If you need help with accounts get in touch with a member of the team and they will help you.)

The required platforms are:


To access Fortnite, for the purposes of participating in Bootcamp, the use of certain gaming consoles or a PC is required.


To access Teams, for the purposes of participating in Bootcamp, the use of a device additional to the gaming device is required. This can be a tablet, laptop or phone.


Parents will be asked to agree to the project’s terms and conditions upon their child’s place being verified.