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What we are planning takes us onto completely new ground...

“Games are a source of joy, inspiration, and social connection. They have the power to bring us together, create empathy, and strengthen our social fabric.”
Head of Xbox

TBJ Virtual Esports Club will make esports accessible to young people in Scotland in a way that has never been done or even seen before, we believe this concept has the potential to change the entire landscape of Scottish esports while improving the lives and prospects of young people living here.

We’re on track to launch Stage One which will allow us to explore different ways of working to find out what works best.

TBJ Esports Bootcamp featuring Fortnite is scheduled to run for 6 weeks and will give young people the opportunity to learn about esports and get a shot at competing while also having the chance to socialise and play with other young people in a safe environment where they feel comfortble.