TBJRLC Sponsored by HyperX – Official Rules.

The Brave Jnr Rocket League Cup sponsored by HyperX is taking place on Friday 6th August at 6.30 pm and giving you guys a chance to win HyperX headsets for your team, hop into the DISCORD SERVER to find out more.

If you haven’t signed up, you can do that here: TBJRLC Sign Up.

TBJRLC Official Rules
1.1 To be eligible to play teams must: 
1.1.1 consist of no less than 2 and no more than 3 players. 
1.1.2 have a designated team captain who resides in Scotland. 
1.1.3 have team and player names that are deemed appropriate by TBJ staff. 
2.1 The tournament will be a double elimination bracket; details will be posted in #tbjrlc-check-in 30 mins before tournament starts. 
3.1 Matches will be hosted by TBJ staff, who will also collect and report scores to #tbjrlc-scores discord channel. 
3.2 Match call outs will be given by TBJ staff in #tbjrlc-match-callouts followed by a game invite to team captains. 
3.3 Team captains will be responsible for ensuring that teams are present for matches, a maximum wait time of 15 mins will be carried out after match invite before teams not in attendance are considered to have forfeited. 
3.4 The winning team will be the team who have won the best of three games. 
4.1 Players must not conduct themselves in a way that is distressing or offensive to others, this includes using abusive/obscene language; making direct threats; discriminating against a person because of their race/religion/gender preference/sexuality; name calling or anything else deemed by TBJ staff to be offensive or abusive. 
4.2 players who are in breach of 4.1 will be issued with one warning and then any subsequent offences will result in the team forfeiting the tournament. 
5.1 Winners of the tournament will be contacted by a member of staff to collect shipping details for team members so that delivery of prizes can be arranged. 
5.2 The Brave Jnr will not use this information for any other purpose than to arrange delivery of prizes. 
5.3 Prizes will be shipped within 5 working days of the end of the tournament, winners will be given contact details so that they may enquire as to delivery status. 

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