Announcing The Brave Jnr Rocket League Cup


The Brave Jnr Rocket League Cup is an esports showcase tournament for young people in Scotland. 
This event is so much more than just a gaming competition, our goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of esports and the opportunities that come with it to parents, educators, youth workers and policy makers by having the tournament as a way to highlight the positive impact esports can have on young people and to demonstrate the wide variety of skills that come into play. 
The tournament features 4 weeks of open qualifiers where teams of two will fight for a place in the live grand final but what makes this event unique is that participants, parents, youth leaders and teachers will not only be invited to participate in Rocket League lessons and watch the final stages with live commentary but they will also be offered the opportunity to attend training sessions and workshops on a variety of esports related topics. 

Registration is open for young Rocket League hopefuls to have their chance to qualify for the finals with the first instance taking place on 9th July, though this is not the only chance to qualify, see the full schedule below for all dates.

WEEK TWO QUALIFICATIONSaturday 17th July – 6pm
WEEK FOUR QUALIFICATIONSaturday 31st July – 6pm
PLAYOFFSFriday 6th August – Time TBC
LIVE FINALSaturday 7th August – 7pm
The Brave Jnr Rocket League Cup Tournament Schedule

Players who want to find out more or need to find a team mate can join our Discord server, where we have created a safe and welcoming environment, the button below will give access to the server.

On the flip side of the event we have a schedule of opportunities for anyone who wants to learn more about esports, how to get involved, how to engage young people and help them develop important meta skills, how to set up a livestream and create content, create safe online gaming spaces and find out about the wide variety of careers that are available in the industry, click the images below to be sent to Eventbright to book your place.

Wednesday 14th July – A chance to learn about the ways that esports can be utilized to improve outcomes for young people.

Tuesday 20th July – Gaming communities are the online spaces where our young people spend most of their time these days. This workshop will unlock the secrets of Discord and how gamers use social media to collaborate.

Wednesday 21st July – Our friends at Scottish Esports Hub talk about the wide variety of careers on offer within the esports industry.

Wednesday 28th July – Content is one of the most important aspects of esports. This workshop will demonstrate how to create effective esports content.

Monday 2nd August – Learn how to set up a livestream from your pc or gaming console, how to promote your channel and engage your viewers.

To keep up to date with all the goings on during TBJRLC, follow The Brave Jnr on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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