TBJRLC Rocket League Coaching Opportunity

At The Brave Jnr, we are committed to supporting youth development for esports in Scotland.

After an amazing conclusion from the first stage of the pilot for our youth development program, we are excited to be moving on to the next stage where we will focus on developing an esports tournament as a learning experience and raising awareness among youth communities, sports clubs, local authorities and schools. 

TBJRLC - Rocket Leach Coaching Opportunities
DFH Stadium – Rocket League Arena

We’re arranging a Rocket League Tournament for young people in Scotland, where the young people will be supported by youth groups and sports clubs to form a team and take part.  

With many of these groups now looking for new and exciting ways to engage with their young people online, we are taking the opportunity to introduce them to esports and support them in creating and managing teams to enter the tournament.

We want to show all different ways that people can get involved with esports, how it can support young people to learn valuable, transferable skills and about the genuine career potential in many roles within the industry.  

Throughout the event, we will be providing various workshops and lessons for teams and supporting organization, giving young people a chance to get accreditation through iDEA and receive recognition for doing something they love.  

We’re looking to bring in some experienced Rocket League players who could take on a coaching role for the tournament and work with The Brave Jnr to develop a RL introductory lesson.  

The role involves the production of the intro lesson followed by 4 weekly live coaching sessions lasting for 2 hours each. it’s on a voluntary basis but is a great opportunity for anyone looking to add esports experience to their CV or portfolio 

You can find out more about the event at rl.thebravejnr.org and submit your application by clicking the button below and filling out the form

TBJRLC - Rocket Leach Coaching Opportunities
Aquadome – Rocket League Arena

If you want to find out more before signing up or just want to learn about what we’re doing, you can contact us by email rl@thebravejnr.org on social media @thebravejnr or by filling out the form below.

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